About Us

About Seal-er

Seal-er Ltd provide the very best in Protective Solutions.
We provide innovative products using new technologies for domestic usage or specialist contracts.

Our unique products, technical knowledge and a passion for performance – this drives us forwards and only then we can stamp Seal-er products with our ‘Seal-er of Approval’


Our Products

Stone & Concrete Protection

High performance, professional impregnating sealers are designed using state of the art polymer technology. Long lasting protection to natural stone, concrete, masonry and other porous substrates.

Timber & Decking Protection

Excellent protection for timber, decking and untreated wood against weather conditions, dirt, stains, growth of algae and lichen. The transparent finish keeps the timber looking new whilst allowing the wood to breath naturally.

Cleaners & Removers

Professional grade cleaners are designed to remove algae, mould, lichen and other organic contaminants. No scrubbing or power washing needed. Perfect for paths, patio’s, decking, walls and roofs

Speciality Cleaning & Protection

Revolutionary maintenance cleaners and protectors for all shiny surfaces. Professionally formulated to clean, disinfect and shine in just one application. No rinsing required, simply spray on & wipe off to leave a sparkling clean and streak free finish!

What our customers say?

The face behind Seal-er Ltd

Si Vickery has worked supplying construction products for specialist applications since leaving school… He has worked with a number of the construction giants including Marshalls Stone and Paving also with some of the UKs largest Timber product suppliers…

The SEAL-ER range is driven from spotting opportunities whilst  offering performance products that work…and work better than what is presently in the marketplace!

With a team of technical experts and a passion for service Simon is available to support your projects whatever their size.

Remember only genuine SEAL-ER products get the stamp…SEAL-ER of Approval!