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Our professional grade cleaners are designed to remove algae, mould, lichen and other organic contaminants. No scrubbing or power washing needed. Perfect for paths, patio’s, decking, walls and roofs.

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  • Algae Remover (5L)

    • Professional strength algae and lichen remover
    • Contains no acids or solvents, doesn’t alter surface appearance.
    • Powerful, easy to use, sprayable, works fast
    • Perfect for removing algae from patios, paths, concrete roofs, fences
    • Leaves the surface clean, bright and free from contamination.
    • Extremely concentrated
    • Dilute ratio 1:10 with water
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  • Concrete & Mortar Remover PRO (5L)

    • Seal-er Extreme Concrete and Mortar Remover is exactly that, extremely powerful!
    • Ideal for regular cleaning od ready-mix concrete lorries and pumps
    • It is a liquid formula that acts by reversing the molecular bonding action of the cement back into sand & aggregates.
    • Following application you simply rinse away leaving a damaged & cement free fresh surface.
    • Removes cured mortar, cement, grout & concrete
    • Does not damage the surface
    • Unique formula – no VOCs
    • Fast acting
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  • Decking Cleaner (4L)

    • Powerful and effective degreasing cleaner.
    • Removes greasy stains, soiling and algae.
    • Suitable for stone, decking, tiles & grout.
    • Heavy duty cleaning of stone, decking, tiles and
    • Ideal for bringing PVC conservatories back to a new look.
    • The unique formulation continues to work for weeks after use so the surface can stay cleaner for longer.
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  • Efflorescence/Salt Remover PRO (5L)


    Efflorescence can be a mixture of calcium carbonate, sulphates and chlorides, It appears as white deposits on brickwork, mortar, driveways and patios.

    Seal-er Efflorescence Remover unlike other products not only removes the visible white surface salts yet also penetrates deep into the surface thus preventing the reappearance of the white deposits.

    • Powerful water-based, fast acting remover
    • Non corrosive
    • Penetrates deep
    • Organic & safer to use
    • Removes white deposits on brickwork, mortar, patios & driveways
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  • Graffiti Remover (1L-5L)

    From: £17.99
    • Seal-er Graffiti Remover has been specially formulated to remove all types of Graffiti from many substrates.
    • The remover is suitable for porous & non porous surfaces and the eco based solvent formulation is chosen by many local authorities, transport companies and heritage projects.
    • Won’t damage natural or sensitive surfaces, including granite or marble.
    • Fast, effective
    • Easy to use
    • Non caustic
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  • Grout Film Remover (5L)

    • Seal-er grout Film Remover is a highly effective deep cleaner for use on newly installed acid resistant tiles where haze is present.
    • Powerful, fast acting & extremely concentrated.
    • Ideal for removing mortar & excess grout residue after tiling.
    • Will not alter the appearance of the tiles and will leave a clean finish.
    • Suitable for ceramic, porcelain & glazed tiles
    • Not suitable for acid sensitive surfaces
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  • Patio Reviver/Black Spot Remover (5L)

    • High performance cleaner which removes organic and microbiological soiling from stone, block paving and concrete – also known as ‘Black Spot’.
    • Powerful cleaner for driveways, patios, block paving & concrete.
    • After application the surfaces can be simply rinsed with water without the need for a pressure clean!
    • Solvent and acid free, does not alter the appearance of the surface.
    • Biodegradable
    • Easy to use
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  • Porcelain Cleaner PRO (750ml-5L)

    From: £12.99
    • Seal-er professional maintenance cleaner is designed to work on all types of porcelain tiles, marble, granite & terracotta.
    • Use as a general cleaner each day achieve fast results without leaving unsightly water marks.
    • Water based, does not contain caustic or acid.
    • Acts fast, easy to use
    • Fresh, clean odour and biodegradable.
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  • Render Reviver PRO (5L)

    • Seal-er Professional Render Reviver is a high performance cleaner designed for removal grime, surface pollution and black spots also organic and microbiological contaminants from various types of render.
    • Contains no acids or solvents, doesn’t alter surface appearance.
    • Works fast, low odour, jet washing is not required.
    • Suitable for all render types inc: K Rend & ProRend.
    • Leaves the surface clean & bright without damage.
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  • Rust Remover (1L-5L)

    From: £19.99
    • Seal-er Rust Remover PRO is designed to remove rust stains from many delicate surfaces.
    • Non-acid PH Neutral rust remover converts rust compounds into a water soluble solution, that changes colour on activation – this can then simply be rinsed away with clean water.
    • Non corrossive – unlike other Rust Removers
    • Fast acting, PH neutral, non acidic, water rinsable, easy to use.
    • Suitable for marble, granite & delicate surfaces – Delicate surface rust stain remover
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