Concrete Surface

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  • Algae Remover (5L)

    • Professional strength algae and lichen remover
    • Contains no acids or solvents, doesn’t alter surface appearance.
    • Powerful, easy to use, sprayable, works fast
    • Perfect for removing algae from patios, paths, concrete roofs, fences
    • Leaves the surface clean, bright and free from contamination.
    • Extremely concentrated
    • Dilute ratio 1:10 with water
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  • Efflorescence/Salt Remover PRO (5L)


    Efflorescence can be a mixture of calcium carbonate, sulphates and chlorides, It appears as white deposits on brickwork, mortar, driveways and patios.

    Seal-er Efflorescence Remover unlike other products not only removes the visible white surface salts yet also penetrates deep into the surface thus preventing the reappearance of the white deposits.

    • Powerful water-based, fast acting remover
    • Non corrosive
    • Penetrates deep
    • Organic & safer to use
    • Removes white deposits on brickwork, mortar, patios & driveways
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  • Patio Reviver/Black Spot Remover (5L)

    • High performance cleaner which removes organic and microbiological soiling from stone, block paving and concrete – also known as ‘Black Spot’.
    • Powerful cleaner for driveways, patios, block paving & concrete.
    • After application the surfaces can be simply rinsed with water without the need for a pressure clean!
    • Solvent and acid free, does not alter the appearance of the surface.
    • Biodegradable
    • Easy to use
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  • Waterseal PRO (5-20L)

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    • Seal-er Waterseal Pro is a high performance, solvent free repellant sealer for most porous calcium based substrates such as concrete, brick & stone
    • Improves thermal efficiency
    • Our special formulation provides an invisible, hard wearing, protective seal whilst not changing the colour or texture of the surface
    • For brick, stone, render, concrete and timbers
    • Transparent finish
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