Stone Sealer

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  • Natural Stone Sealer PRO (5-20L)

    From: £49.99
    • Natural Stone Sealer Pro surface protector is designed using state of the art polymer technology and is a new leading protector for porous stone.
    • Once applied it helps repel oil, water, grease, whilst resisting efflorescence and  the growth of algae, lichen and other natural contaminants.
    • Suitable for use on both internal and external surfaces.
    • Providing hardwearing, invisible, waterproof protection whilst still allowing the surface to breath.
    • Safer, fast acting and easy to use.
    • Natural Stone Sealer Pro is also designed to work on more sensitive/polished materials such as marble and granite.
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  • Patio & Paving Sealer (5-20L)

    From: £28.99
    • Seal-er Patio & Paving Sealer penetrates the surface to both seal and protect
    • Designed to improve the lifetime of the surface whilst enhancing the colour
    • Once applied it will reduce the amount of cleaning required due to less dirt adhesion
    • Multiple coats provide a higher sheen finish
    • Improves slip resistance
    • Long lasting & hardwearing finish
    • Protects & Waterproofs
    • Easy to apply
    • Safer, fast acting and easy to use
    • Breathable
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  • Stone Boost PRO (5L)

    • Seal-er Stone Boost is an advanced formula, high-grade protective sealer specifically designed for use on Natural Stone, Indian Stone, Slate, Marble, Terracotta and Block Paving.
    • It provides a hard-wearing protective seal against water, oil, grease and efflorescence.
    • Using innovative technology to provide a waterproof, breathable, durable seal to absorbent stone substrates.
    • Non film forming.
    • High grade impregnating protective sealer.
    • Easy to use.
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  • Tarmac Sealer Restorer (5-20L)

    From: £32.99
    • Seal-er Tarmac Sealer Restorer is a water based high performance sealer developed specifically for tarmac and concrete surfaces.
    • The restorer does exactly that restores the look of tired and worn tarmac to a new finish and is extremely easy to apply.
    • Once dried the sealer enhances the waterproof protection whilst providing a low sheen hardwearing durable finish providing a barrier to stains and oils.
    • Improves slip resistance.
    • Resists fungal growth
    • Protects & waterproofs
    • Suitable for tarmac & concrete
    • Easy to apply
    • Breathable
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