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  • Decking Cleaner (4L)

    • Powerful and effective degreasing cleaner.
    • Removes greasy stains, soiling and algae.
    • Suitable for stone, decking, tiles & grout.
    • Heavy duty cleaning of stone, decking, tiles and
    • Ideal for bringing PVC conservatories back to a new look.
    • The unique formulation continues to work for weeks after use so the surface can stay cleaner for longer.
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  • Grout Film Remover (5L)

    • Seal-er grout Film Remover is a highly effective deep cleaner for use on newly installed acid resistant tiles where haze is present.
    • Powerful, fast acting & extremely concentrated.
    • Ideal for removing mortar & excess grout residue after tiling.
    • Will not alter the appearance of the tiles and will leave a clean finish.
    • Suitable for ceramic, porcelain & glazed tiles
    • Not suitable for acid sensitive surfaces
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