Concrete Block & Paving Sealer PRO (5-20L)

From: £29.99

  • SEAL-ER Concrete & Block Paving Sealer PRO is a high performance solvent free sealer which penetrates the surface to seal, protect and waterproof.
  • Our new technology sealant penetrates deep into the base helping to improve the lifetime of the surface whilst still maintaining the colour.
  • Hardwearing, easy and fast acting making it the perfect choice for the PRO user.
  • Product is suitable for paving, patios, driveways and concrete surface.
  • Reduces surface degradation
  • Enhances surface colour
  • Resists fungal growth and staining
  • UV Resistant, Non-Flammable, Environmentally friendly
  • Fast acting and ready to use
  • 1 coat matt/ 2 coats satin



The surface needs to be dry and clean free from dirt, dust, oils, algae and any other organic growth. Algae should be removed using Seal-er Algae Remover. All previous coatings/sealers need to be removed prior to application. Ensure any residue from cleaning/removal products are fully washed away. Test a small hidden area of the surface before use thus ensuring final results are as required.

  • Product supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before use.
  • Ensure surface is thoroughly dry before application, if the surface is not fully dry whitening may occur. Never pour directly on to surface.
  • Apply with a long pile roller, brush or garden sprayer using fan attachment. Always apply a generous even coat avoiding any runs or drips, if any puddles occur mop up immediately with a cloth.
  • Apply once for a low sheen finish or apply two to three coats for a higher sheen finish.
  • DO NOT allow the product to cure in between applications.
  • Where the surface is more porous apply a second coat no more than two hours after the first.
  • Remove as much product as possible from tools and wash immediately with soapy water.


Dependent on porosity and texture of surface approx 4 – 8m² per litre.

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