Graffiti Remover (1L-5L)

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  • Seal-er Graffiti Remover has been specially formulated to remove all types of Graffiti from many substrates.
  • The remover is suitable for porous & non porous surfaces and the eco based solvent formulation is chosen by many local authorities, transport companies and heritage projects.
  • Won’t damage natural or sensitive surfaces, including granite or marble.
  • Fast, effective
  • Easy to use
  • Non caustic
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Remove any loose moss, dirt or any other debris from the surface. A firm bristle brush  is ideal. Do not use if rain is forecast or in wet weather. Ideal application temperature is between 7°C and 30°C. Keep pets away until the surface is fully washed and dried out completely. We recommend that the product is left to work for up 24 hours, this should produce a more effective finish and a brighter surface.

Always test a small discreet area to confirm application times and effect on surface this also helps calculate usage. Only apply when the temperature is between 7°C and 30°C.

  • Product supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before use.
  • Ensure the surface is totally dry and free from dirt then apply an even generous coating. The following times are recommended for the remover to work:
    – Pen / Spray Paint on a non porous surface up to 5 mins.
    – Pen / Spray Paint on a porous surface up to 30 mins.
  • Following on agitate with a stiff brush then either use a power washer or rinse clean with plenty of water.
  • If graffiti / stains still persist repeat the procedure.


5L bottle will cover approx 30m²