Rust Remover (1L-5L)

From: £19.99

  • Seal-er Rust Remover PRO is designed to remove rust stains from many delicate surfaces.
  • Non-acid PH Neutral rust remover converts rust compounds into a water soluble solution, that changes colour on activation – this can then simply be rinsed away with clean water.
  • Non corrossive – unlike other Rust Removers
  • Fast acting, PH neutral, non acidic, water rinsable, easy to use.
  • Suitable for marble, granite & delicate surfaces – Delicate surface rust stain remover



Remove any loose moss, dirt or any other debris from the surface. A firm bristle brush  is ideal. Do not use if rain is forecast or in wet weather. Ideal application temperature is between 7°C and 30°C. If used when surface and air temperature is below 5°C the effectiveness may be reduced and longer cleaning time may be needed.

  • Product supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before use.
  • Always test a small discreet area to confirm application times and effect on surface this also helps calculate usage.
  • Apply neat Seal-er Rust Remover generously to the dry surface. Leave the product to work/react using following guide timings:
    Light staining = 10 minutes
    Heavy staining = up to 2 hours
  • After application DO NOT let the remover dry out. If the surface does become dry – re-apply. Finally rinse clean with plenty of cold clean water.
  • Please note: After application some marking ‘may’ occur initially on some surfaces, however over the following 48 hours this will fade.
    Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with soapy water.


5L bottle will cover approx 30m²