Waterseal PRO (5-20L)

From: £26.99

  • Seal-er Waterseal Pro is a high performance, solvent free repellant sealer for most porous calcium based substrates such as concrete, brick & stone
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Our special formulation provides an invisible, hard wearing, protective seal whilst not changing the colour or texture of the surface
  • For brick, stone, render, concrete and timbers
  • Transparent finish



Surfaces should be clean & dry, make sure all dust, dirt or loose debris is removed, any moss, algae or lichen is cleared using Seal-er Algae Remover.  Always test a small hidden portion of the surface before use, to ensure final result is satisfactory.

This product is not suitable for glazed tiles, engineering bricks or non porous substrates. Do not apply if raining or rain is due within 24 hours, frost or when the temperature is less than 10ºC or greater than 25ºC.  Once the surface is fully treated and has dried the product cannot be reapplied as there will be a loss of adhesion. Keep pets and children away until surface is fully dry

  • Product supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before use.
  • Apply an even coat, with a brush, roller or garden sprayer, saturate the area avoiding runs, mopping up any pooling with a cloth
  • Two coats are required – Apply a second coat before the first coat dries –DO NOT LET THE PRODUCT DRY IN BETWEEN COATS
  • Clean all tools, brushes etc. with soapy water immediately after use.


Dependent on porosity and texture of surface approx 4 – 6m² per litre